SRI RAMANUJA VISHVA VIDYA PRATHISTANAM (SRVVP) is a unique academic organization exclusively devoted and dedicated to propagating and conducting extensive research work into the Visistadvaita Philosophy and Srivaishnava tradition along with its inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and Mutli-disciplinary dimensions to suit the changing needs of modern times.

SRVVP has been established in Tirunarayana-puram, Melukote (in Mandya District, Karnataka, South India) by SRI BHAGAVAD RAMANUJA FOUNDATION (R) a pubic charitable trust founded in June 2015 by a few Srivaishnava professionals to promote Vedic and allied Research and establish educational institutions with an objective to preserve, revive and propagate the Indian knowledge systems, with special focus on Visistadvaita Philosophy and Srivaishnava tradition.

Why Melukote?

One may be curious to know why this organization has been started at Tirunarayan-puram, Melukote. It is in the fitness of things to do so since –

  • Tirunarayanpuram, Melukote is the ‘Jnana-Mantapa’ of the entire Srivaishnava Sampradaya.
  • According to Swami Desikan, it is the ‘Vijaya-Sthana’ of Bhagavan Ramanuja where Bhagavan Ramanuja refuted all other schools of Philosophy and established the Visishtadvaita Philosophy.
  • Tirunarayanpuram (Melukote) is said to be the essense of all the 108 Divyadesams (Ashtottara-Shatha-sthanaa-saarabhoothaha-yadubhoodare) according to our Acharya-s.